Where Smiles Come From

Continuing the challenges of soaring to new heights and new places right alongside our customers

Message from Top Management

On behalf of our entire team at Furuta Confectionery, we want to thank you for the patronage you have shown us through our products, and express our appreciation for the support and consideration you have given us since our inception.

We have embarked on this year determined to hone business on the four core pillars of our "Family Chocolate" series, "Pocketable Sweets", our "Chocolate Egg" line and "Cooked Confectioneries" through a process of selection and concentration. This will allow us to test new categories, shape new pillars of business and continue to grow.

With our Family Chocolate series, we added strawberry and bitter chocolate flavors to our signature Nama Cream Chocolate and debuted a kinako (roasted soy bean flour) flavor for the first time in this series. Moreover, for the past one year, we have been proposing "Kaki no Tane Choco" (the name comes from the fact that the pieces look like persimmon seeds) as a next pillar product.
We are also happy to announce two milestones in our Pocketable Sweets segment, as our "Wanage Chocolate" and "Mugikko Chocolate" are marking respectively their 50th and 40th anniversaries this year, and are still going strong. In our "Chocolate Egg" line, we will introduce this year eggs from the long-running manga and anime series "One Piece", while in our "Cooked Confectioneries" business, we will be launching new seasonal products and collaboration products from our new Hirao Factory.

On the production side of business operations, we are maintaining our certifications in ISO22000 and FSSC22000 as an integral part of sound quality management, ensuring product safety and security, and putting smiles on faces everywhere.

"Business continuity and growth" are essential to a company like ours, which is why staking new challenges is what we do on a regular basis. By keeping our workforce "healthy", "motivated" and "happy", we will soar to new heights and new places right alongside our customers.

We ask for your continued guidance and patronage going forward.

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