1. Customer first policy
Furuta's President and all employees stay focused on customer satisfaction and trust under a spirit of pursuing good taste, products that customers dream of and good health.

2. Safe products
Furuta pays good attention to sanitation, safety and quality so as to make safe and quality products for customers.

3. Legal compliance
Furuta strives to provide safe, good quality products that are socially decent pursuant to the Food Sanitation Act, JAS Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

4. Environmental issues
Furuta recognizes the importance of addressing global environmental issues. Furuta uses and develops eco-friendly recyclable materials in order to save energy and resources.

5. Social action programs
Furuta respects local cultures and customs, and is committed to developing the local community where company facilities are located. Furuta strives to be engaged in social activities, disaster relief and volunteer activities to nurture good relationships with local communities.

6. Occupational environment
Furuta, as a lively company, strives to establish a safe and comfortable work environment, respect human rights, treat its employees equally, give them comfort and affluence, also respect their personalities and independence.

7. Putting the code of conduct into practice
Furuta makes the company code of conduct known to all directors and employees so as to retain customer trust.
Resolutions on revisions and abolitions of the code of conduct are made by the board of directors, and decisions are made by the president.

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