Furuta Confectionery keeps on adjusting to a changing world.


We could not very well begin this or any message to our stakeholders for that matter without first thanking you for the strong patronage and favor you have shown to Furuta Confectionery and our products. The mere fact that we have been in the confectionery business for almost 70 years owes to your continuing support and consideration, for which we are forever grateful.

This year, economic and commercial activities continued to be stymied and lifestyles greatly transformed for a second year by the Covid-19 pandemic. With restrictions on bars and restaurants still in place, confectionery makers such as ourselves continue to feel the pinch.

The challenging situation, however, has over the course of the year taught us all to appreciate family time and interaction, and our relationships with others more. Amidst this new awakening, we feel it is our duty more than ever before to provide products people can and will enjoy. So, we are wholeheartedly maintaining our compliance with ISO22000 and FSSC22000 standards as a part of the greater effort we are making to ensure food safety and quality.

This year, we are also marking a few milestones with our Ideal Choco feting its 50th anniversary, Sequoia Chocolate feting its 45th anniversary, Dodeka Bar Chocolate feting its 35th anniversary and Kaki no Tane Choco feting its 10th anniversary. We have been able to make and sell these products for such a long time because of your support.

At Furuta Confectionery, we continue to search for new ideas, including ways to update our long-sellers with new values, under a common theme of “keeping customers happy”, which we like to compare to a “Smile Factory”. We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement of Furuta Confectionery.

Tsuruhiko Furuta, Chairman
Morihiko Furuta, President

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