Feting 70 years of business
With more growth and good things to come

Message from Management

Thanks to steadfast loyalty to both our company and products, at Furuta Confectionary, we are feting our 70th anniversary this year. Speaking on behalf of everyone on our team, we are forever grateful for the strong support and patronage that we have been shown.
The confectionary industry has been hit hard this year by inflationary pressures, which come on top of the slowdown in socio-economic activity stemming from the protracted effects of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years. As the world around us continues to change, we try to remain positive and rise above these and whatever new challenges come our way by always looking squarely at every situation, coming up with new ideas and finding the power to act.
In this our 70th year of business, we are investing in production equipment to increase turnout at our Mihara Factory, commencing full-scale operation of the chocolate line we added last year and opening an antenna shop as our first-ever retail venture.
On the product development front, we are continuing to build upon our four pillar categories. With our Family Chocolate series, we have launched a campaign to coincide with the 30th anniversary of our Fresh Cream Chocolate and significantly expanded our production lines to more widely utilize this production niche of ours, all within a bigger picture of balancing production between newly developed products and current products. We are also increasing the production system of our popular Kaki no Tane Chocolate. With our pocket-size products, while having established a new standard as our Hi-Eight Chocolate has now been on the market for 55 years, we are looking to enhance brand strength by adding new characters and a lineup of sister-products to our Chocolate Eggs. With our baked confectionaries, we are horizontally developing in-house brands and launching collaboration cookies with other companies. All of these efforts and more are aimed at making the already popular Furuta brand even better.
We will continue to push forward in the confectionary, commercial and new areas of business with the aspiration of one day feting our centennial as a company.
We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Tsuruhiko Furuta

Morihiko Furuta

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